Brainstorming to Overcome Sales Road Blocks

Brainstorming to Overcome Sales Road Blocks – When making sales calls, you may sometimes feel that you’re not getting anywhere or at a roadblock. One of the best ways I find to overcome a roadblock is to really sit back and evaluate the situation.

Some of the questions you may want to ask yourself are:

  • Do I have real knowledge of the product or service that I’m marketing?
  • Is the script that I’m using being received well by prospects and maximizing my results?
  • What objections are presented and are my responses (rebuttals) overcoming?
  • Does my offering relieve pain points for prospects?

Brainstorming to Overcome Sales Road Blocks – When you have answered all of these questions and are still not bringing in the results needed, you may find yourself brainstorming and thinking of ways to overcome these roadblocks. One suggestion would be to meet with others within your industry or sales office that can provide you with additional insight on the approach that works for them as well as key talking points for your business.

Perhaps re-configure the script and come up with a better strategy to make your approach more conversation-like instead of a true sales pitch. Make sure you are asking your prospect open-ended questions to encourage dialogue. For example: “Hi Tom, what service would make your job easier? “or maybe” George, tell me what is your pain point?” or even “Bob, what keeps you up at night?”

With knowledge, skill, perseverance, and consistency with your sales calls, you will be more successful in overcoming the roadblocks and achieving better results with your marketing and sales programs.

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