Documentation for Successful Sales

As with any job, there is always some sort of homework or training that is ongoing to keep us on top of our game. In sales, we need to be very detail oriented and take impeccable notes.   When you reach out to a contact today, they might not be in the market for a product or service but give you important details to remember for future correspondence.   How can you become better organized and utilize important data?   Here are some ideas:  

CRM-choose a Contact Relationship Manager Software program that works for you. The software can provide features that allow detailed call notes and future tasks that keep you in touch with prospects. They might also have a mobile app that keeps you informed on the go.

Research-Do your homework and research the company you would like to do business with. Visit their website to determine if the company is a fit for you and your business as well as learn the contact names for the key decision makers. Notate this information in your CRM for future call backs.

Email-Once you speak with a prospect, gather their email address for a future newsletters. Bi-monthly newsletters are a great way to reach out to a prospect without actually contacting them personally. Newsletters are an inexpensive way to market with great returns. Once again, document any correspondence via email, calls or through your website.

Taking time to document each correspondence with prospects will build rapport with contacts and provide a foot in the door. Nothing becomes more personal than someone to remember some important detail about you. For Example: “James is out with the flue-check back with him in 2 weeks”. On the next call, you have a perfect opening line with James. Or maybe-“Spoke with James but George is the contact. Next call might be something like “Hi George. I was talking with James and he said you were really the guy to speak with.”  

Organization is the key to any successful business. Planning, planning and more planning are the tasks at hand and will provide the information needed on the next call no matter if the next call is 2 weeks, 2 months or next year.  

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Documentation for Successful Sales
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