Helping Hesitant Prospects


Helping Hesitant Prospects -If you feel like you have to push a prospect through the sales process, then you need to stop and find out why they don’t want to buy, not what you have to do to close.  The more you push the more you will push away the sale.  Sincerely listen to your prospect and listen to what they have to say.  Appreciate your prospect’s point of view.  Get your prospect to appreciate you. Building rapport is a large part of new business development and well worth the time and effort.

Helping Hesitant Prospects-

An objection can be nothing more than a request for additional information. As a general rule, prospects are hesitant to commit to purchasing a product or service until they have convinced themselves they need it and that they are getting it at a fair price.  Top producing sales people not only expect objections during the sales process but anticipate them. Remember an objection is not a “no” it is a flag that the prospect is uncomfortable moving forward – for whatever reason.

Even though the future customer is unsure about closing today, you should be able to close the sale with the right rebuttals.  It is going to take some time and effort to uncover what is really holding them back from purchasing.  If you haven’t built trust and rapport with your prospect, qualified them financially, and conducted a thorough needs assessment, you should prepare to hear objections that can derail the sales process.

If a prospective customer has a compelling problem or goal and you understand and map the steps in the customer buying process, then there should be mutual motivation/respect and you will be able to help your prospect over the hump of objections and conduct the sale.

How does your sales team help prospective customers sign on the dotted line? Rich Enterprises Inc has a team of experienced professionals that know how to point out the key talking points and put business minds at ease while helping hesitant prospects.

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