How to be productive at selling


Every seasoned sales person knows what they need to do to be productive in sales.

Here are my top 3 tips:

  1. Goals.  As with any project or achievement, you will need to set a goal. Is your goal to have a certain number of sales per day, a week or for the month? Maybe you want to increase business by 20% in the first quarter. Set short term goals and then once you have completed the first goal, move on to bigger and better goals.
  2. Focus. Keeping your eye on the work at hand can be cumbersome. Set realistic hours and plan a schedule for work. I use a daily planner to keep me on track. I have number one priorities that have to be completed by 8:00am every morning and then everything else falls in order of necessity.
  3. Drive. This is the final tip for being productive is the most important tip. Without the desire to succeed in the sales world, you will not be successful. Bring your”A “game to work daily and you will be successful at anything you do. You may not be the best sales person on the team but having the drive to succeed will take you far in this career.

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