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Industries Served

Our clients are very diverse by nature based upon products and services offered, geographic market, niche target market, and industry. That same diversity allows us to excel with our cold calling and inside sales services and provides those businesses with substantial revenue and sales growth.

Our primary industries served include:

  • Unique and boutique accounts
  • HVAC, energy, and refrigeration services
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Janitorial services

The commonalities with our clients include:

  • The desire to grow their business through new sale leads and appointments.
  • Products or services that fill a specific need or niche within their market.
  • Prospects are commercial or industrial by nature (B2B).

Unique and Boutique

Our clients represent a diverse sampling of business and industry. Our clients are often truly unique in their offering which allows us to highlight those unique features within our key talking points. Our boutique telemarketing services allows us to customize our scripting and approach to appeal to a unique niche market – which increases cold calling results (qualified leads or sales appointments) and provides substantial increases for our client’s sales pipeline and revenue.

Our services are often utilized by unique and boutique companies to introduce new products and services to a new market, to cross-sell or up-sell, or to further penetrate their existing target market.

HVAC , Energy, and Refrigeration

Building maintenance and related services is a substantial portion of our market. Our clients include:

  • Refrigeration contractors are typically focused on prevention maintenance, emergency services, and new equipment sales. Target market may include food manufacturers, cold storage facilities, medical laboratories, food distributors, and retail establishments such as grocers or liquor stores. Our appointment setting services have helped them increase their sales.
  • Energy companies often focus on energy surveys and energy audits to evaluate options for reducing energy consumption and utility cost. Surveys may focus on lighting, hvac, machinery, and/or overall usage. Our lead generation services provide for new prospects and a full sales pipeline for our energy clients.
  • HVAC contractors seeking new service agreements or maintenance agreements often use our telemarketing services to bring in new commercial clients. Many of our HVAC clients also offer new equipment for construction or retrofit, design and build services, energy consulting, equipment integrity reviews, and “green” services.

Our expertise in facility and building management could be essential to your business growth.

Oil and Gas Companies

We can provide marketing services for oil and gas businesses including:

  • Drilling companies
  • Extraction companies
  • Labor/Hands staff providers
  • Equipment providers
  • Specialized industry software companies
  • Training/certification companies
  • Chemical manufacturing companies
  • And other Specialty companies

Recent lead generation and appointment setting campaigns have included:

  • Petroleum equipment including drilling rigs, rig components, mud pumps, etc.
  • Safety equipment and consulting services
  • Training and certification programs
  • Software applications specifically developed for oil field contractors

Janitorial Services

Our commercial cleaning clients are focused on locating new commercial facilities in need of their janitorial services. Typically, Rich Enterprises provides cold calling, telemarketing, and inside sales activities with the end goal of generating a qualified lead and sales appointment where our client can provide a competitive bid for cleaning services. With most of our janitorial appointments, expectations include:

  • An appointment with the decision maker or person that handles janitorial contracts. Often, the correct title is Building Manager, Facility Manager, or Maintenance Manager
  • An estimate regarding amount of square footage
  • Frequency of existing cleaning services (weekly, daily, 3x per week)
  • Concerns or issues with the current janitorial service provider
  • An openness to consider a new janitorial vendor

Our inside sales services allow our janitorial clients to increase their revenues and client base through new commercial appointments.

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