The success of refrigeration lead generation hinges on partnering with a sales team that understands both your industry and the needs of your customers. Rich Enterprises has been developing successful campaigns for the refrigeration market since 2005. Our B2B lead generation services for commercial refrigeration and industrial refrigeration vendors include cold calling and appointment setting.

Lead Generation for Refrigeration from Rich Enterprises.

Our experienced marketers will make 200 to 1000 prospecting and cold calls on your behalf every week, allowing you to better penetrate your market by locating new customers for purchasing new and used refrigeration equipment, emergency repair service, periodic maintenance for their current refrigeration equipment, long-term maintenance agreements, and refrigerator repair contracts. We’ll find prospects with a willingness to seek new vendors for their chiller, cooler, and refrigeration maintenance and repair needs.

Refrigeration Lead Generation Process

When you partner with Rich Enterprises, we work as an extension of your inside sales team. Because we specialize in serving industrial and commercial refrigeration vendors, each of our sales representatives has an understanding of the industry that other inside sales and appointment setting services simply cannot provide.

Our refrigeration lead generation program includes:

  • Developing scripts and training materials based on your specifications to craft an effective, cohesive, and consistent sales strategy.
  • Putting together a list of prospects for commercial telemarketing and cold calling based on type of business, refrigeration equipment, number of employees, location, and annual revenue.
  • Qualifying prospects by asking probing questions through an initial refrigeration assessment that assess their specific needs, including their current refrigeration equipment (chillers, coolers, freezers, ice machines, evaporators, cooling towers, and condensing units) and willingness to seek new vendors.
  • Distributing your refrigeration company’s marketing collateral to interested prospects, then following up as needed to schedule in-person sales appointments.
  • Providing you with regular reporting and monitoring your marketing program closely to ensure that you’re getting the return on investment that you expect.

The refrigeration leads we generate for your business are ready to be converted into sales and contracts by your own outside sales team. Our skilled marketers will fill your sales pipeline to increase your refrigeration company’s revenue.

Why Refrigeration Cold Calling Works

Cold calling lets your refrigeration business reach a large number of prospects in a more cost-effective manner than other marketing techniques. The one-on-one connection involved in cold calling gives you the opportunity to educate potential customers on the benefits of your refrigeration services.

Attempting to have your in-house sales team handle both cold calling and outside sales is time-consuming and costly. That’s why so many companies in the commercial and industrial refrigeration industry outsource their inside sales to Rich Enterprises.

Rich Enterprises Services for Refrigeration Companies

Rich Enterprises optimizes your ROI thanks to our years of refrigeration industry marketing experience. Our proven approach begins with finding the right businesses and asking them the right questions to ensure that they’re a fit for your services. We can provide your refrigeration business with:

  • Lead generation, allowing you to build a sales database of qualified prospects.
  • Appointment setting for in-person, phone, and web-based meetings between key decision makers and your own sales team so you can introduce your services and provide bids.
  • Direct mail campaigns that involve mailing your marketing materials and having our telemarketing team follow up to make appointments with interested prospects.
  • Tradeshow services, including having our marketers follow up with qualified leads.

Learn More About Refrigeration Marketing Services

Rich Enterprises has helped HVAC and refrigeration companies just like yours across the United States and Canada increase their contracts and revenue with our appointment setting, cold calling, and lead qualification services. Contact us today at 888-443-5247. to learn how we can help your refrigeration business grow.