Telemarketing and sales stages


How do telemarketing efforts affect your sales stages and your sales pipeline?   The first sales stage generally begins with a potential customer that has expressed interest in your offering (also referred as a sales lead).  A telemarketing company will provide appointment setting, cold calling, and telemarketing services to generate sales leads for your company.  In most cases, those leads are also considered to be qualified leads – since several basic questions have been asked to qualify the leads.

Telemarketing ensures that you have new leads entering into your sales pipeline.  If you have a sales stage system in place, a percentage of those leads will progress through the appropriate stages.   Overtime, those leads will convert to sales and thus new revenue for your business.

Telemarketing is one method to ensure that you have a steady flow of qualified sales leads and ensure that the beginning phases of your sales pipeline are full.   After all, the sales process generally begins with an interested and qualified business prospect.

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