Coping with Tough Sales Questions

Coping with Tough Sales Questions

One of hardest part of marketing can be answering tough questions. We always want to say the right thing at the right time and give the best response to a prospects question. Building rapport and developing trust is very important in marketing with any business. If prospects don’t trust you then chances are you won’t maintain a long-term business relationship. When you develop a good relationship with your clients, communication is easy.  

Product knowledge is by far the most important aspect of setting appointments and selling to customers. Sales people should know everything we can about our product or service. We need to know the benefits, how they will better the prospects business and make their jobs easier. However, there will be times when asked questions in sales that we do not know the answers. Be honest and let them know – “That’s a great question! I don’t know the answer but will gladly get it for you”.  

Here are simple responses to questions:

1.   Acknowledge the question by saying that is a good question. 2.   Acknowledge you can’t answer the question by professionally admitting you don’t know the answer.
3 .   Ask for permission to get back with them. 4.   Ask for direct contact information (phone number and email address). 5.   Set a specific time and date to get back with the prospect with an answer.

Make it a practice to follow-up with prospects. If you said you will have an answer by the end of business, follow-up with the contact at that time – even if you don’t have the answer. Trust and relationship building depend on honesty and business ethics. Always complete your required tasks.  

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