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Strong B2B Telemarketing Campaign Cold Calling Scripting Daily Marketing Reports

Your sales program will include the following:

  • Contact with companies and entities to determine their needs for your products/services (cold calling).
  • Determine if they have upcoming opportunities within whatever time frame you specify. For opportunities that are outside that time frame, we will schedule follow up calls and initiate contacts as appropriate.
  • Determine if those opportunities fall within your parameters.
  • Register your company for bidding lists and submit forms via fax, e-mail or mail as required.
  • Follow up as deemed appropriate to determine if there are additional opportunities.
  • Report opportunities to you.
  • Distribute marketing collateral (via mail or e-mail).
  • Import leads per your demographics as needed into database and maintain database.
  • Develop all scripting and training materials to ensure presentation is effective.
  • Continually monitor your program to ensure that it accomplishes the desired results.

Reports And Communication

  • Conference call each week to discuss the results of leads, overall results of program, and possible improvements.
  • Opportunities shall be reported via e-mail each day.
  • Daily reports showing all contacts made on your behalf.
  • We will also contact you as needed to gather feedback or additional information.

Cost Analysis

The cost benefit analysis and return on investment should never be overlooked and is the foundation of most business decisions. The financial benefits will be an increase in sales and the cost is minimal compared to the new business you will gain. In addition, filling your sales pipeline will ensure that future financial goals are met.

Sample Scenario

Let’s assume that in the first month of your program, you are able to gain only one sale and that sale is in the amount of $10,000 and your cost of goods sold is 60%. Profits for that sale (assuming that your existing sales cover fixed operating costs) would be about $4,000. The cost of our services (depending upon the size of your program) would be considerably less and therefore, the end result of our services is additional revenue and profits for your business.

Of course, the above example includes several assumptions. In addition, it does not include the intrinsic value of the new contacts that you have made, value of future sales to that client, and the increase in your sales pipeline.

We would be more than happy to provide return on investment calculations for your business. In short, our services will increase your revenues.

Specific Applications For Your Business

Our services have a wide range of applications and uses. Here are a few examples:

  • Quickly announce new products to current or prospective clients.
  • Retain or reach previous clients.
  • Expand your current client base in your current area, enlarged geographical area, or vertical market.
  • Conduct marketing research.
  • Further penetration within your existing market.

What are demographics?

Demographics define the type of market or prospect base that we would be contacting. Your contacts can be selected based upon number of employees, SIC codes, and geographical location.

Whether you are seeking to enter a new sector of the market, expanding your geographical area, or seeking greater market penetration; the demographics selected play a key role in marketing. Even the less populated states have significant markets that may be overlooked.

We can provide a detailed proposal designed to suit your specific needs. Each program is uniquely developed based upon products and services offered, current prospecting methods, geographical restrictions, and future marketing plans.

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