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Sales Outsourcing Video Series

This video provides overview of our commercial telemarketing services. Our services allow you to focus on your business growth while we focus on lead generation and appointment setting.

This video introduces the most common questions that we see related to appointment setting services.

This video describes our innovative and unique approach that allows our clients to increase their sales and revenues.

Commercial Inside Sales services begins with the right strategies. Commercial inside sale activities are both art and science.

This video describes the competitive fast paced sales environment and offers an alternative for building your sales pipeline.

This video describes how your reaction to slumping sales reports can spur new business growth and development.

Reviewing your options for growth based upon your vision and innovation can result in new business success.

As an industry leader, we use innovation and creative approaches for reaching your prospects and creating cold calling campaigns.

This video describes the elements associated with successful marketing campaigns and creating cold calling plans.

Question and Answer Video Series

This video will detail the steps necessary for starting your cold calling campaign with Rich Enterprises. Typically it takes 1-2 weeks to roll out a new appointment setting program.

A niche market is small pieces of the market defined by common characteristics. Using a niche market means you can develop specific points that increase your effectiveness.

A introduction, key talking points, and call to action are included in every basic script.

A script will keep your talking points clear and concise and ensure that your conversation stays on track.

Objections are analyzed before we start your account and are planned with the creation of strong rebuttals.

This video provides key considerations for outsourcing your inside sales efforts.

This video describes appointment setting services and how that service can help you reach out to new prospects.

This video provides an overview for selecting the best outsourcing company for you.

Gatekeepers serve a role in business. A strong marketing company is accustomed to working with gatekeepers.

This video describes the factors for selecting a contact list and the criteria that can be utilized.

Reporting is important. We issue progress reports every single day.

This video outlines the process for starting an inside sales campaign.

This video provides information about how long it takes to start a new marketing campaign.

Yes. Even small companies sometimes need help increasing their sales.

Absolutely. Those unique markets are exactly where we excel.

This video outlines what lead generation is and describes how lead generation can help your business grow.

This video provides information about our marketing team and their unique qualifications.

This video discusses email blasts and how those can supplement a marketing campaign.

Marketing collateral can be vital to disseminating information to your prospect base.

This video defines probing questions and also provides several examples.

Qualifying questions are different from probing questions. This video provides details.

This video describes the reporting that is provided with each lead or appointment.

Coordinating appointment times is essential for any long term campaign.

Many of our clients have multiple sales reps.

A pilot program is great way for you to test a new campaign, new market, or new message.

A Program Manager plays a vital role in the success of your telemarketing campaign.

This video discusses the average length of a cold calling campaign.

This video outlines the process for rescheduling appointments if there is a cancellation.

This video provides data regarding the ROI for sales campaigns.

This video outlines the process for handling appointment confirmations.

Matching the right marketer with your inside sales program is vital.

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