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Melissa Rich-Landis

Successful Business Owner with Sales Training Expertise

Ms. Landis offers a light-hearted delivery that educates, engages, and inspires the audience. Her approach and strategies are considered by employees to be “down to earth” and easy to implement – while employers view her presentation as highly educational and effective.

Ms. Landis quickly and easily identifies with her audience. She is able to convey her understanding of how difficult it can be to increase sales, but also how invigorating it is to achieve your maximum potential and success. She is quickly able to establish rapport and presents herself as being “one of the gang”, while showing a high level of professionalism and integrity.

Tracy Rumsey

Successful Commercial Telemarketing Campaign Manager With Expertise in Cold Calling, Scripting, and Sales Calls

Ms. Rumsey has worked with Rich Enterprises for over ten years and is extremely well versed in telemarketing and sales – as well as managing telemarketers. She has acquired a rich sales background within a wide range of industries as both a telemarketer and a campaign manager.

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