Is Your Sales Team Effective?

Outsourcing Your Inside Sales B2B Telemarketing Expertise

Please consider the following

  • What percentage of your prospects and sales leads has your sales team contacted in the last six months?
  • How many new sales contacts and sales leads did your sales team make last month?
  • Do they know who to contact when cold calling and telemarketing?
  • Were you included on the vendor lists?
  • Did you receive updates with new opportunities?
  • Does your inside sales team check frequently to find new opportunities?

Put our expertise to work for you

If you are not certain, why not put our expertise to work for your business and consider outsourcing your inside sales? Gauging Sales Succes InfographicAfter all, our business is finding opportunities for your business and our methods are quite effective. Rich Enterprises provides the leg work in sales so that your outside sales staff can concentrate their efforts on negotiation and closing sales – rather than prospecting, telemarketing, and cold calling.

Our clients utilize our services to supplement their sales teams efforts. Common objectives and goals with our programs include:

  • Increase current and prospective sales with a full sales pipeline through long term programs.
  • Quick boost in sales and profits with short-term campaigns.
  • Increase return rates with previous or current customers.
  • Significant enhancement in average monthly sales with lead generation and/or appointment setting programs.
  • Market research to gather names of decision makers, titles and phone numbers for future marketing endeavors.

For more information, please view our Beginners Guide or our Getting Started page.

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