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What Is an Outsourced Sales Team?

With an outsourced sales team, you can focus on what you do best and let a team of highly-trained sales professionals handle qualifying sales leads and setting appointments. Outsourcing your sales means you have more time to grow your business.

At Rich Enterprises, our outsourced telemarketing programs include cold calling prospects to generate qualified sales leads, setting qualified sales appointments, and sending daily reports to your staff with information about new leads and sales appointments. By working within your demographics and target market, we maximize your return on investment.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Your Sales Team?

Your sales staff has limited time and resources. By outsourcing cold calling and prospecting, your in-house sales team can concentrate on closing sales. In addition, many small businesses are able to grow their operations without adding full-time sales staff by outsourcing sales instead.

Outsourcing sales allows you access to a team of skilled sales professionals who have in-depth knowledge of business purchasing cycles, how to ask probing questions, and finding prospects.

What Sets Rich Enterprises Apart from Other Sales Outsourcing Services?

Rich Enterprises provides customized services tailored to each of our clients, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all sales model. We do the research to understand your business, your competition, and your target markets. With over two decades of experience, we have the knowledge and skill to help your business grow and thrive.

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