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What is a B2B appointment setting service?

B2B appointment setting services allow you to outsource a critical sales activity—finding leads. A B2B appointment setting service involves doing the research to find prospects, contacting these prospects to share your messaging, and setting up appointments so your in-house sales reps can close the deal. Hiring outside sales representatives to handle appointment setting allows your team to focus their efforts on what they do best and outsource lead generation to skilled professionals who receive extensive training in how to get prospects to commit to making an appointment.

B2B Outsourced Telemarketing Programs typically include the following:

B2B appointment setting services from Rich Enterprises include:

  • Identifying prospects based on the demographics and target markets you’ve provided and building a list of contacts for our sales representatives to work with.
  • Contacting prospects to determine if they have a need for your product or service and ask qualifying questions to ensure no time is wasted.
  • Setting appointments with all interested and qualified leads so your team can make the sale.
  • Providing your team with daily updates and reports, including contact information for all new sales appointments.

The result is that your team’s valuable time is used more productively, as well as an increase in your business’s revenues. When it comes to marketing, B2B appointment setting is a service that delivers an exceptional return on investment.

Rich Enterprises has been providing B2B appointment setting services since 1999. For more information about our company, visit Our Success page or the About Us page. To learn more about our methods for creating customized telemarketing campaigns, read about our Method and Means. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today at 888-443-5247.

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