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B2B Market Sectors

Rich Enterprises, Inc. takes pride in providing world class marketing and inside sales services to a wide range of clients. We provide business to business services for a wide range of sectors, but specialize in the following types of accounts:

  • Commercial B2B accounts with niche markets
  • Industrial sector programs
  • United States and Canadian clients
  • Mechanical companies seeking to expand their client base

Commercial Accounts

Commercial accounts by nature are business to business (B2B) campaigns where products or services are sold from one business to another business. Our B2B telemarketing services can be adapted to a wide range of commercial accounts. With most of our inside sales programs, we will modify the script, key talking points and approach to focus upon unique sectors within the broader target market in order to enhance cold calling results.

Examples of commercial telemarketing accounts include:

  • Import export regulations and tariffs
  • Cost reduction for energy and utilities
  • Unique software applications sold to a niche market
  • Employee training programs or services
  • Management and marketing consulting sold to specific market segments
  • Facility services and building maintenance
  • Point of sale displays and product packaging
  • Web development and design
  • Fleet management, logistics, and transportation
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Mechanical Companies

We specialize in lead generation and appointment setting for mechanical services including hvac (heating, ventilation, and air condition), refrigeration, energy, and facility management companies. Our experiences contacting building and facility managers have resulted in new qualified leads and sales appointments for our clients.

Our expertise within this market includes:

  • Preventative maintenance for facilities and buildings
  • HVAC service contracts and maintenance agreements including heating and air units, boilers, and chillers
  • HVAC equipment and system design for new construction or retrofit
  • Energy controls for building automation and zone regulation
  • Energy surveys or audits (including lighting and heating/cooling)
  • Refrigeration services (emergency repair and routine maintenance)
  • Preventative programs for drain and plumbing maintenance

Industrial Sector

We have expertise in industrial accounts where the offerings are often unique and complex. Here is a sampling of our industrial campaigns:

  • AS/ISO certification
  • Material handling for coal, gypsum, and limestone
  • Oil drilling and rigging equipment
  • Recycling of waste materials (plastic, hazardous materials, defective goods)
  • Product safety testing for manufacturers
  • Metal fabrication and machining
  • Building products sold through distributors or dealers (natural stone, brick)
  • Employee safety training sold to specific niche markets
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US and Canadian Market

We began our sales outsourcing operations in 1999 for the continental United States with lead generation and appointment setting services. Our telemarketing programs have included all 50 states with the vast majority of clients located in the east coast, west coast, and Texas.

In 2009, we experienced a substantial increase in business inquiries from Canada. We began marketing into Canada and aggressively pursuing the Canadian market. Canadian companies are about 20% of our client base. Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Alberta are our most active provinces. Many of our marketing efforts are often directed into Greater Toronto area (GTA), Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, and Victoria.

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