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Critical Aspects of Training

Our training, mentoring, and coaching programs are designed to address the five critical aspects that affect sales teams.


Your sales team needs to respond quickly and efficiently to your customers’ needs. Each incoming email, fax, and phone call can be a request from an interested prospect that needs a quotation, detailed product specifications, and other related information. If your sales team is highly responsive, the likelihood of achieving higher sales numbers is possible. Sometimes, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the requests coming in. If your team is slow to respond (or fails to respond), your business loses sales and the related revenue.

We can teach your team how to be highly responsive and how to prioritize their sales tasks, so that maximum responsiveness is achieved.

Rapport and relationship

Your inside sales reps are representing your business and are striving to build positive relationships with your potential customers. Subtle changes within their sales styles can allow those sales reps to quickly establish credibility; and thus, showing your team how to create stronger relationships and credibility will allow your company sales and revenue to flourish.

We can teach your team to develop stronger bonds with your prospects.


Your team needs appropriate resources in order to sell. Those resources can include strong internet presence, effective brochures, sales letters or templates for communication, and organizational tools. Providing your sales team with resources is vital to your success, but your sales force also needs to know how to utilize those resources to achieve higher sales ratios.

We can teach your sales force how to use those resources more effectively to achieve higher conversion rates.

Aggressive action

Being an effective sales agent also includes an aggressive action plan. After each incoming inquiry, your sales agent should have a strategic plan for future actions. For example, if a prospect requests a price quote and the quotation is released, the sales rep should follow up within two business days to casually confirm that the prospect received the quote and to address any questions. Each subsequent conversation should result in future follow-up action until that prospect is converted to a sale or until that prospect is dismissed.

We can teach your sales agents to use an aggressive action plan to increase sales conversion rates.


In order to motivate sales reps to achieve their potential, management must communicate their expectations and needs to quantify those expectations. We can help you set goals for your team and help you outline and quantify your expectations. We want your sales team to be accountable for their results.

Our training team can develop a customized mentoring and coaching program to educate your sales teams regarding several or all of the above aspects.

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