What distinguishes Rich Enterprises, Inc. from our competitors?

Customizes Marketing Plans for Your Success

Our network of account representatives bring forth strong skills and impressive experience. Their average age is 45 years old, 22 years of business experience, and 6.4 years of experience with cold calling, lead generation, appointment setting, telemarketing, and related skills. Our qualified network of account representatives is strong and impressive – particularly in comparison to our competitors.

Customized marketing programs

We customize our marketing programs based upon your needs, industry, and requirements. We treat your company and marketing as a unique program truly designed to suit your situation.

How are we so successful?

  • By gaining a thorough understanding of your needs.
  • Continually adapting to better suit your needs.
  • Quality marketers with in-depth B2B marketing experience.
  • Technological advances only when they maximize results.
  • Database of contacts and reliable contact sources.

Who is Rich Enterprises, Inc.?

Rich Enterprises has been serving clients since 1999.

  • We offer a wide array of marketing and telephone services.
  • We are a boutique type operation and our services cater to each client’s needs. We consistently modify our services and approach to adapt to our clients.
  • We offer smaller programs specifically designed for small to mid sized clients.
  • Over half of our business (55%) is repeat customers or referrals from current clients.
  • We service businesses from all types of industries including hvac, refrigeration, energy, manufacturing, marketing, and other products and services.

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