Why Outsource Your Inside Sales?

With Rich Enterprises, Inc.

The Expertise You Need

  • Utilize the expertise of your outside sales staff in the most efficient manner. B2B cold calling and prospecting internally is simply not an efficient use of their time. Rich Enterprises specializes in cold calling and finding prospects.
  • Utilize our in-depth knowledge of business purchasing cycles and processes.
  • Utilize your sales resources for closing and negotiating new sales.
  • Does your sales staff have the time and the energy to cold call or do they hesitate when it comes to cold calling?

We encourage you to use your most important resource – your sales team – in the most efficient manner. Save their valuable time for closing and selling. Use our services for researching leads and making initial contacts. TOGETHER, we will make a great team and increase your sales and revenues.

Could you implement a similar telemarketing program internally?

The answer is technically yes. Many companies have tried, but have not had the same success rates. It takes time to develop databases; select and import contacts; hire, supervise and train personnel; and acquire expertise to manage a successful program. Each day, more companies choose to use their resources focusing on the overall company and sales while outsourcing the tedious and time consuming prospecting to companies like ours due to our strong success.

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