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What is B2G and B2B Outsourcing?

B2B outsourcing simply means outsourcing the legwork of the inside sales functions (i.e. research and cold calling) necessary for sales prospecting to another party. Simply put, Rich Enterprises could be cold calling your business prospects to locate new leads and appointments for you. We will qualify your sales leads and appointments with qualifying and probing questions so that your outside sales team can utilize their valuable time educating clients and closing sales rather than cold calling, telemarketing, and prospecting.

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B2B Outsourced Telemarketing Programs typically include the following:

  • Contact with your prospects to determine if they have a need for your product/service and to determine if they are qualified given the parameters that you specify (cold calling and qualifying).
  • Generating qualified sales leads.
  • Setting qualified sales appointments (phone or in person).
  • Working within your demographics and target market to find sales opportunities.
  • Informing your staff of new leads and sales appointments with daily telemarketing reports.

The goal and end result will be a more productive use of your existing sales staff and a measurable increase in your revenue and sales.

The Method and Means page will provide specifics regarding our methods for creating customized telemarketing campaigns.

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