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B2B lead generation from Rich Enterprises allows your team to increase its productivity by focusing its efforts on closing sales, while our team of skilled marketers generates leads through cold calling and appointment setting. We employ time-tested strategies to find and research prospects, contact them on your behalf, and determine if they meet the parameters to qualify as a lead. Our team can set up appointments for your sales staff to get in touch with qualified B2B leads in person or over the phone to educate potential clients about your business’s services and close sales.

Benefits of Sales Outsourcing with Rich Enterprises

Rather than paying your sales team to perform cold calling, prospecting, and telemarketing, maximize your ROI by using our marketing experts. Our B2B lead generation services include:

  • Using demographics and target markets you’ve identified to build a list of contacts for our sales representatives to use for cold calling and qualifying.
  • Reaching out to contacts to determine if they have a need for your services and if they are qualified based on your parameters.
  • Setting appointments for your sales team to contact all qualified leads.
  • Providing your business with daily telemarketing reports that detail new leads, sales appointments, and important data to help you hone your messaging and sales efforts.

Ultimately, our B2B lead generation service lets your team focus on what they do best, using their valuable time in a more efficient manner and increasing your revenue and sales.

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Rich Enterprises has been providing B2B lead generation services since 1999. For more information about us, visit Our Success page or the About Us page. To learn more about our methods for creating customized telemarketing campaigns, read about our Method and Means. Ready to get started? Contact us today at 888-443-5247 to speak with a representative.

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