Analyzing the daily reports

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Analyzing the daily reports

Most marketing service providers produce a detailed daily call report that is used for keeping track of results and outcomes of recent contacts with companies. The call report is a daily log that reflects performance and results and can be used as a tool to assist the client for reviewing the current trends of recent marketing calls.


The daily all calls report is a very important document since it provides the daily progress of your account. The All Calls report will indicate the exact number of calls placed on that day, the time of the call and what happened on the call.


The daily all calls report will specify the name of the company called, who we spoke with as well as what information was gathered on the call and what notes were entered into the database.


You can view trends and patterns by daily review of the all calls report for your marketing campaign. Daily review of the notes will help you determine if you are reaching out to the correct industry for your business.


The daily reports will help you determine the rate that the calls are converted into leads and which contacts have the potential to be converted into future sales.


Reviewing the daily all calls reports will also allow you to see common objections encountered by the marketer assigned to your account. This will give you the opportunity to provide suggestions on effective rebuttals and different approaches to certain objections.


Understanding your daily report and the details of your marketing program are a great tracking tool for successful marketing. Read and utilize the daily reports.


Get down to the “nitty gritty” with the results of your marketing program since the success of a program is based upon the small details. Understand what is working (or not) so that we can determine what changes need to be made to make your campaign the very best that it can be. Feedback on any program is critical for co

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