Appointment Setting Phone Scripts and Sales


Appointment Setting Phone Scripts and Sales: Telemarketing Tips

Using a verbatim script is a tough way to produce sales. The script is great in the beginning since it will help the marketer keepAppointment Setting Phone Scripts on track with the conversation at hand. I like to use a script on a new campaign simply because it reminds me of the qualifying and probing questions as well as the talking points.

What is your sales pitch?

Choosing your sales pitch is somewhat like choosing your writing style. You want to have a pitch that is warm and personal and a reflection of your personality. Develop your format by mentioning the key points of your offerings and then add personal touches.

Use a conversational tone when making sales calls. All successful sales pitches are received as a light conversation with a friend or acquaintance. If you need help coming up with your sal

If you are on a call and find the prospect does not fit into the criteria needed to be a viable prospect, it is helpful to have this information readily available in your initial script.

Once you are familiar with a product or service, you should be able to discard the verbatim script and be able to talk about your offerings with a more conversational approach to sales.

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