Becoming a sales superstar

Becoming a sales superstar

High achievers in sales work smarter. The superstars use both their logical left brain hemisphere and their creative and intuitive right brain to think with. When you learn to use two brains instead of one, you will start doing things that would have been called miracles back when you were using only your left-brain hemisphere.

Sales superstars provide creative solutions to customers’ challenges. They make sure they reach out to ALL people who have influences over the outcome of their sale, and synchronize their sales process to their customers’ buying processes.

Unsuccessful salespeople focus on selling products or the lead rather than delivering value. These same salespeople try to sell products and do not provide solutions to problems for their prospects. They live each day hoping that they will get a sale or two, rather than understanding their customers’ needs. These sales people are focused on themselves, and do not seek to understand their customers or attempt relationship building for long term sales.

Sales superstars work very hard to respond to their customers’ needs. However; average or under performing salespeople are just as hard working in the wrong areas. Successful sales people spend more time winning customers’ trust to serve their needs, rather than “Always Closing”.

Salespeople must get their prospect talking and revealing their needs. The sales presentation should begin questions with the 5 w’s: who, what, where, when and why. These probing starter questions will get your prospect talking and revealing their needs and interests; turning conversations into sales. Try to ask questions that are open ended allowing the prospect to participate in the conversation.

Good Sales people listen more than talk and never make assumptions. Base your next question on the information the prospect has provided during the conversation. What the customer has revealed is how you will be able to help the customer see their problem and provide the solution.

A sales person that wants to be successful must be a quick thinker. Customers will often come up with questions that will catch even the top salesman off guard. Developing skills and having well prepared objections will allow you to put your customer at ease and gain their trust.

Sales people that are a continual success in the world of sales do not think about closing first instead they focus on what their prospective customers need and then provide solutions. Being well prepared in the world of sales will build long term business relationships and continual sales successes.

What is your preparation process for sales? Rich Enterprises provides marketing program that address the process from start to finish. We provide scripting with talking points and common objections with appropriate rebuttals.

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Becoming a sales superstar
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