Broad Targets with a Specialty Niche

Broad Targets with a Specialty Niche – Upon inception, all businesses determine their business offerings and their target market. Once the basic business foundation is in place, you should develop a special niche within that market.

For example, if you have a landscaping service, determine what aspect of the industry you are offering, who you are targeting, and how to adapt your presentation.

Broad Targets with a Specialty Niche

Once the baseline is in place, create a marketing game plan for the new niche:

First – Identify your potential customers. Do you want to work with consumers or work in the commercial industry? If you are targeting businesses, be prepared to talk about pain points and helping them increase their revenue, while adapting those points to that unique target market.

Next – Complete market research. Find out what your competitors are offering and make your offer better. Offer a product or service that is not offered by the competition. Know the pros and cons of your competition as well as demographics. Maybe your competition only works with customers in a certain area. Geographical research could be very important for successful niche marketing and help you target the right counties or zip codes.

Finally – Compile your findings. Become the industry expert sought out by consumers and businesses alike. Create notifications, flyers, or a newsletter that notifies businesses of your new company or offering just for businesses like theirs. Choose the best time to test the waters and get ready to “Be the best in the Business”.

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