Business Ethics and Sales

Business Ethics and Sales – Building an image for your business is a tough job. Not only are you representing your company but so are the contractors or employees that work for you.  What do you want people to think about you when your company name is mentioned?

You want them to know your company is honest, committed to doing the right thing all the time and a company that cares about its customers. You want customers to hear your company name and know that you are reputable and someone to depend on.

Business ethics should be the core of all business but yet in the sales market, you find so many people/companies that find ways to cut corners and are dishonest in their business practices.

Business Ethics and Sales

In covid times, more and more businesses are struggling to keep their doors open and yet the fly by night companies are managing to come in.

Market your company by sharing your business practices and your desire to locate long term customers. You want to be the go-to company, the expert in your field for your business prospects.

Rich Enterprises develops customized programs for every new client that comes aboard. We know all businesses are unique in their market and even though they might seem similar in theory, they have special services that are only offered by their company. Some businesses focus on one portion of their services and others have an entire menu of products and services to choose from.

Once a company decides they want to work with us, we have them fill out a new client questionnaire that tells us about their business. What is their target market? What are we promoting? Do you want in person appointment only or in combination with phone appointments due to covid?

We take the data acquired on the questionnaire and create a custom program outline for the new client. Our next steps are to schedule a kick off call to go over final details – reports, appointment days and times and the contact list. Our program and process is unique to Rich Enterprises Inc!

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