Consistency in sales is most effective when keeping prospects in all stages or phases of the sales pipeline.    If all your prospects are in the initial phase, you may not have the revenue that you need in the immediate future; however, if all your prospects are in the closing phase, you may have an immediate boost in revenue, but limited revenue growth on the horizon for future revenues.

Having consistency in sales provides long term and consistent revenue

Having a complete sales pipeline with prospects in all phases requires a consistent effort on your part to even the ebb and flow of business cycles.    Telemarketing is certainly one venue to ensure that you have a full sales pipeline and consistent revenue growth.

Consistency in sales can mean several things. First evaluate your sales program. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Knowledge – Do you have real knowledge of the product that your marketing?
  • Talking points – Is the script that you are using precise and maximizing my results?
  • Objections – What objections are presented and are the responses (rebuttals)overcoming?
  • Approach – Are you consistent in your approach?
  • Follow-up – Are you consistent in follow-up?
  • Scheduling – Are you consistent with scheduled marketing efforts?

Perhaps re-configure the scripting and come up with a better strategy for the script to change the tone of the marketing call – making it less like a “sales pitch” and more conversational. Focus on the objections at hand and request more dialogue from the customer. Take the prospects feedback and adjust your sales style to improve results.

With knowledge, skills, perseverance, and consistency you will be more successful in overcoming the roadblocks and achieve better results in your marketing and sales programs. Having an open mind, obtaining more knowledge, and gaining more feedback will put you back on the road to sales success!

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