Diffusing Sales Pressure in a Stressful Environment


We each experience some sort of pressure in everyday situations. With sales, the pressure can become stressful when you are ready to close the deal and for whatever reason, the sale is just not happening.
It is not only pressure for you, but can be pressure for those that are expecting you to do business with them. The natural reaction for all is to respond defensively when someone puts unwanted pressure on us.
What causes pressure in sales?

Pushing the sale. When setting out to make sales calls, the ultimate goal is to get the appointment or sale. It is unrealistic to expect a sale on the 1st call but prepare for success – just in case it happens. The key to successful sales is relationship building.

Once you create dialogue and working rapport with your prospect, you will build trust allowing them to feel comfortable with you and your offerings. Change your approach from a pushy sales pitch to a conversational will boost sales and leave you feeling great at the end of the day.

Script. Most of us use a script when making calls. It helps to have a visual point during calls when you lose your train of thought. Trying to control the conversation by using a script will result in a negative response from the prospect. Successful sales are those where the prospect participates in the conversation. Be prepared with objections and being able to “wing it” with the conversation.

Opener. The opening line for any sales call should start with a very brief introduction and then get into the needs of the prospect. Start your conversation by focusing on a need your prospect might have for your product or service. Building rapport with the prospect by having dialogue will let you know where they stand and help with sales now and in the future.

Trying to eliminate un-needed pressure from calling conversations will invite the prospect to respond warmly and end with a positive result. Calls today might not end up with an instant sale, but can be the start of a long- term business relationship.

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diffusing sales pressure
Diffusing Sales Pressure
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