Do you provide robot sales?

Do you provide robot sales? – Some businesses have found ways to automate their sales process with auto responders, recorded voicemails, email templates and other robotic type sales processes.

In my own personal sales, I have noticed a change in response from contacts where I either send personal, brief messages via email or leave quick voicemails. I have always been told brevity is the key and I typically see a greater response in my marketing efforts by practicing this tip.

It is great to be able to respond to contacts quickly but more importantly to respond to them in a personal manner. Nothing speaks volumes more to me than an email that states “I have not talked with you in a while and would like to set up a quick meeting”.   This tells me the person knows me since we have chatted in the past and could be a great person/asset to talk with.

Do you provide robot sales? – Are robot sales the way to go? There is a time for auto responders to help businesses achieve more with less contact by using auto responding. Evaluate your time to determine what is the best use of your time. Is your time better spent on sales or HR functions? When evaluating your entire business practice, where do you see a need for automation that would allow you to spend more time making money?

In today’s fast paced world, we need to do more with less. Meaning get more out of your working time. Move part of your business process to an auto pilot type system allowing you to focus more on your core business.

Rich Enterprises has a full team of marketers that do not automate the sales process. We do business the old-fashioned way, with conversational sales calls, lead generation and appointment setting.

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Do you provide robot sales?
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