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Managing and training a sales team is often a challenge. Our sales training programs will allow your team to quickly refine their skills and increase their results.

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Videos to Answer Your Questions

Our videos will answer your questions regarding sales outsourcing, cold calling, and telemarketing.

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Our newsletter is published bi-weekly and includes a variety of topics related to sales and marketing. Please contact us today to sign up to automatically receive new content.

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Diverse Industry Experience

We've got unique industry experiences - particuarly with industrial accounts. Learn more about the industries that we are in.

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Welcome to our Download Center.  This page contains a variety of downloadable materials in PDF format that will provide you with a wealth of information regarding our company and our services.   Please free feel to contact us directly to discuss your unique situation and needs.


This document will provide a very brief outline of our appointment setting, inside sales, and lead generation services.

The beginners guide provides an introduction to sales outsourcing and the related industry terms in a question and answer format with commonly asked questions including "what is cold calling?", "what are demographics?", and "how can you help my business?"

This document provides the history of the company dating back to 1999, describes the honors and awards received, and highlights the founder of Rich Enterprises, Inc. Melissa Rich-Landis.

Quick profiles of Rich Enterprises, Inc, account reps, clients profiles, program objectives and goals, and program results.

The pilot program is a specific period of time designated to conduct the initial test of the campaign. This document lays the foundation for possible program modification and changes during the cold calling campaign and the pilot program.

Rich Enterprises is pleased to offer three telemarketing packages to meet your needs. The starter package is designed for a company that is new to sales outsourcing. The enhanced package is for companies with clearly defined goals and a strong understanding of cold calling. Rich Enterprises, Inc. offers custom inside sales programs.

Our appointment setting programs typically include lead qualification, contact list, distribution of marketing collateral, etc. without additional costs. This document also details the daily marketing reports and communication. Cross-selling, up-selling, increased market penetration, and expansion of current client base included.

Our 3M program includes multiple methods and multiple messages for marketing. This program is designed for high value prospects with the potential for larger returns. Our marketing efforts with this program include cold calling, consistent email communication, and newsletters that blend seamlessly with your branding and strategies.

Rich Enterprises utilizes this form to gather information about your needs, so that we can formulate the Program Outline for your B2B program.

This document provides information regarding the steps to starting a B2B cold calling program including the new client questionnaire, program outline, telemarketing script feedback, contact list preparation, and the sales outsourcing agreement.

This document represents a sampling of what our clients have to say regarding our lead generation and appointment setting services. We can also provide commercial and industrial reference letters.

Rich Enterprises, Inc. provides a program outline with cold calling script, an "All Calls" report for each day of marketing, and an Appointment or Contact Report, generated as acquired. Reporting is an essential element of any lead generation campaign.

This report is produced every day and details all outbound calls with your inside sales program. This telemarketing report is a tool for identifying inside sales trends and determining program refinements.

This report is sometimes called a Contact Report. This report is generated for every lead and appointment set and details the record history, contact fields, and recommended action for your inside sales team.

The program outline defines the campaign goals, demographics, scripting, objections, voice mail script, email text, etc. and is really the foundation for your business development program.