You know that businesses are looking for building controls and automation, energy surveys and audits to help them reduce costs, and greener energy strategies, but do you have the time to reach them?

Rich Enterprises specializes in energy cold calling and appointment setting. Our skilled marketers can handle inside sales for your energy company so your team can focus on outside sales. We have the expertise to generate the qualified leads needed to boost sales, revenue, and contracts.

Energy Cold Calling from Rich Enterprises.

Energy Cold Calling

Energy companies see a significant return on investment from cold calling compared to other marketing techniques. Mailing out marketing materials does’t guarantee that you’ll reach the key decision makers you need, while search engine optimization only helps you make sales to businesses already looking for your services. Cold calling lets you reach customers who don’t know they can benefit from your services until you reach out and provide an energy survey or audit.

We use energy surveys and audits to engage potential leads who might not have been looking for an energy company prior to our contact. These leads can be converted into sales and long-term contracts by your team. Let our seasoned marketers fill your sales pipeline to increase your energy company’s revenue.

Why Energy Cold Calling Works

Many energy companies have found that cold calling allows them to reach the largest number of prospects in the most cost-effective way possible. Speaking with a sales professional and connecting on a one-on-one basis gives you the opportunity to educate potential clients on how your services will benefit them through providing an energy survey that shows them where they can save on costs and how they can improve their environmental footprint.

Unfortunately, handling both cold calling and outside sales internally can be costly and time-consuming for your team. That’s where Rich Enterprises comes in.

Rich Enterprises Cold Calling and Appointment Setting for Energy Services

When you choose Rich Enterprises for energy industry cold calling and appointment setting, we’ll never waste your time—we do the research before we make any calls, only calling businesses who could potentially use your services. We reach out to new prospects on an ongoing basis and set up meetings for your in-house outside sales team to call or meet with them in person to close sales.

Our proven approach starts with finding the right businesses and asking them the right questions. We’ll talk to them about their energy consumption and utility costs, using energy surveys that inquire about overall energy usage or about lighting, HVAC, and machinery specifically. We’ll work closely with you to develop a script for our marketers that highlights your energy business’s unique selling proposition and anticipates questions prospects might have about your company and its services.

Rich Enterprises also offers appointment setting campaigns to schedule meetings with qualified leads that are interested in your energy services. We gather the critical information your sales team needs for a successful meeting and we ensure that key decision makers will be involved so no time is wasted.

Learn More About Energy B2B Marketing Services

Rich Enterprises has been serving the energy industry for decades. During this time, we’ve helped countless energy businesses across the United States and Canada increase their contracts and revenue with our appointment setting, cold calling, energy surveys, and lead qualification services. Contact us today at 888-443-5247 to learn how we can help your business grow.