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Our newsletter is published bi-weekly and includes a variety of topics related to sales and marketing. We have consolidated those articles into an eBook. This book is the best tool available for those in the sales industry or someone looking for tips from seasoned telemarketing professionals includes over 250 pages of information. The eBook can help if you are new to cold calling, need to brush up on your sales techniques, are handling appointment setting, or need to develop new objections to get past the toughest gatekeepers.

Each section includes a wide variety of articles. Table of contents is:

  • Letter from our President
  • Contact list and target markets
  • Reaching the correct contact
  • Scripting and cold calling techniques
  • The art of selling
  • Overcoming obstacles with strong rebuttals
  • Utilizing and distributing marketing collateral
  • Managing sales programs and sales staff
  • Marketing techniques
  • Final thoughts

Our eBook is available for download free of charge. To download, please provide the following information and we will e-mail the link to you within one business day.

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