Handling Objections with Empathy

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Handling Objections with Empathy

In sales, overcoming objections often require empathy. Identify common objections by observing the emotions, needs, and past experiences of your prospect.

Objections can be your biggest obstacle, but can also be an opportunity to build credibility and rapport with prospects. To succeed in overcoming common objections, tact and skill is required.

Vocalize your understanding and empathy with statements such as “I understand how you feel. Many of my customers have expressed the same concern; however, once you try our product or service, you will find that we are an excellent company to work with.” Also, you could say, “I can understand how that might be an issue for you. Let’s look at how we can help.”

If you can get a true understanding about what your prospect is thinking, then you will be able to influence their decision making process. In most sales, we need to know the pain points of our prospects and how to meet their concerns.

The definition of empathy is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”. Be genuine and compassionate when working with prospects. Think about how you want to be treated when in the customer role.

Sometimes an objection can be a request for help. Be the company that is considered the industry expert. Always acknowledge and validate your prospects objections and give them a solution that helps them with the day to day grind of business and alleviate their pain point.

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