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How To Sales Objections: Casual Sales Comebacks

When talking with sales prospects, always remember that you only get one chance to make a first impression when telemarketing or cold calling with sales objections and casual sales comebacks. Choose your approach wisely when speaking with the gatekeeper. Strike up a good conversation with her, be friendly and ask for help.

Using this type of approach will give you credibility with the gatekeeper and they will want to help you instead of hinder your chances of reaching a decision maker.

This phone tree can be called “riding the wave”and it may feel like it as you are sent from the office manager to the controller and then to the executive assistant of the person you need to speak with that has decision making power.

Along the way, you may receive all kind of reasons to why you can’t speak with the correct person.

Here are a few sales objections we hear frequently:how to sales objections

A. He is going into a meeting soon.

Answer: Sally I know Mr. Jones is busy. Can I leave my number with you and he can call me when he gets out of his meeting? Thank you.

B. I’m not interested now maybe you can get back to me later.

Answer: Mr._____ I know you are skeptical.  Our Rep will be in your area on Tuesday. Let him stop by, listen to what he has to say and if you like what he has to offer,  we can move forward and if for some reason, you still do not have an interest, we will leave our contact information and wait to hear from you when you have a need.

C. I am already working with someone.

Answer: Great! How is that working for you? If you could change anything about your current company, what would that be? Why don’t I send information on our company to you via email allowing you to compare services and then have a member of our sales team follow-up with you to answer questions? What is your email address?

D. Can you send me an Email?

Answer: Sure! Why don’t I send information to you on our products/services via email and then have Harry follow-up with you to answer any questions you may have. I have your email address as _______. Is that correct?

How To Sales Objections is something you can learn.   Remember to take solid notes during all of your correspondence with a prospect because closing a sale, generating a lead, or setting appointments is like putting a puzzle together; every piece has its place.   Relationship building takes time. When a prospect says send an email or call me back, this is step one of a long term business relationship.

Staying organized and being well prepared will allow you to fill your pipeline with a nice, steady stream of new business prospects.

How do you handle comeback or objections? Do you need help with sales hurdles?

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