How to select a contact listA contact list is the most important part of any marketing program. Choosing the best direction for your contact list depends on many factors.

First – what is your geographical area? Are you trying to stay within a certain mileage from your home base for in-person appointments? Are you going to provide phone appointments or web demos and can you extend your geographical market to all of the US?

Second – What industry do you want to target? There are many industries that might work for many businesses. If you are a software company and want to work with the medical industry then you might want to target businesses such as hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, or maybe dentist offices.

How to select a contact list

You can use SIC codes to narrow your search of a qualified list. SIC (standard industry classification) codes – A SIC code indicates the type of services or products that the entity offers.

Finally – How big of a business do you want to work with? You can acquire this information by using the employee size or revenue of the business. This information will allow you to get into certain businesses with a qualified size. For example, if you want to gain access to businesses that have a minimum of 10,000 square feet, you would choose businesses that have at least 20-49 employees.

How to select a contact listYour contact list can be selected and customized based on different factors. Determine your goals and needs and then the list can be comprised of certain factors that can be specially selected by SIC codes, geographical area, the year the business was established, and more.

Many list sources also use annual revenue as specific criteria. By using this factor, you can determine if this company may have the qualifications to pay for the type of services your business provides and may indicate that they are more likely to become a repeat customer.

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