The Importance of a fresh contact list

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The Importance of a fresh contact list

Every successful marketing campaign starts with a fresh contact list. A contact list is a map for sales success. How do you acquire the contact list that is going to make your business successful?


Here are some ideas:

  • Newsletter– compile a list of contact information from people you network with on a daily basis. Maybe they are not contacts that you do business with regularly but someone that can be a long term business prospect. Gather their email address and contact info for a bi- monthly newsletter. A newsletter is a great way to contact mass prospects with little or no effort.
  • List sources-use a reputable contact list source. Finding a reliable source can be a great tool for pipeline building. Choose a company that has experience in your market. Check references.
  • Market research-use sources that can provide contact lists that might not have the correct decision maker listed but has the basic information to get your foot in the door. Use this list for market research before starting your marketing campaign. This will allow for a more targeted contact list and greater success rate on reaching the true decision maker.
  • Trade shows-network during the tradeshow. Take available business cards to compile as an addition to your contact list. Acquiring new contacts through a trade show can give you the opening line for a follow-up marketing direct mail flyer- “Thanks ______ for talking with me at the tradeshow last week”.

Updating and compiling a contact list is a continual duty and using a business contact list tool can help you with the tedious process.Your business prospects or pipeline are only as good as the list you acquire. Make harvesting your contact list a daily priority.


Taking the time to compile your business contact list will provide ease with mass mailings, email marketing, newsletters or any other type of marketing campaign.

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