Janitorial Cold Calling Services

Rich Enterprises specializes in janitorial cold calling and appointment setting. Our role is to handle inside sales so your outside sales team can focus on closing deals and signing contracts. We’ll find commercial businesses that need your services and lay the groundwork for increased sales.

Janitorial Cold Calling

It takes work to find new janitorial accounts. Let’s face it—most facilities have janitorial services already and even if they’re not happy with these services, many simply don’t have the time to find a new cleaning company. You can send out flyers and brochures, but they’re likely to be discarded without a second glance; you can optimize your website in hopes of generating leads via search engine traffic, but you’ll be limited to people who were already actively searching for janitorial services.

There’s a better way: cold calling. When you hire Rich Enterprises for janitorial cold calling, you’ll get a constant stream of new prospects and a better return on investment than any other sales strategy.

Why Janitorial Cold Calling Works

When you cast a wide net you get more fish; when you cold call potential clients for your janitorial business, you’ll get more contracts. Our skilled sales team calls local business prospects to find out which ones are interested in your services. These leads are then passed along to your in-house sales team who will provide quotes, share information about your services, and build rapport with potential clients.

Cold calling is a cost-effective way to reach a large number of commercial businesses. The one-on-one connection over the phone is much more persuasive than a brochure or postcard—it allows you the opportunity to explain why your janitorial services are superior to those currently used by a potential client. Unfortunately, cold calling is also time-consuming and most janitorial businesses don’t have the sales staff to tackle it.

That’s where we come in.

Rich Enterprises Cold Calling and Appointment Setting for Janitorial Services

We handle cold calling for you, continually reaching out to new prospects and setting up appointments for potential clients to talk to your in-house sales team. Our proven approach starts with a carefully crafted strategy, ensuring that we reach out to the right businesses and ask them the right questions. We take the time to understand the unique selling proposition that your janitorial service offers clients—and we also work to understand the perspective of your prospects.

When we set up appointments for your sales team, they’ll go into every meeting knowing the needs of the facility in question—its square footage, the cleaning frequency needed, and issues or concerns with any existing janitorial services. We ensure that all appointments are made with the key decision makers of a business to save your team valuable time.

With Rich Enterprises on your side, you can expect your janitorial business to thrive.

Learn More About Our Janitorial Cold Calling Services

We have over 20 years of experience generating business-to-business leads for janitorial services. Contact us today at 888-443-5247 to find out how we can help your company increase new contracts.