Motivational Tips for Sales Reps

Every sales person has their own style when it comes to sales. What works for some people may not work for others. Here are a few motivational tips that I like to use:  

Trust your instincts – Use your intuition when it comes to sales. When you are internally directed, you have the confidence to trust your gut instinct and your intuition. The top sales people have internal drive and motivation.  
Create a sense of urgency – now is the time to sell with the economy being what it is – if you wish to believe what the media is promoting. With our present economic state, we should change our sales approach – whether we agree with the commentary or not. Create a sense of urgency with customers that lets them know “We understand you are hurting and do not have a need for the unnecessary products or services or we know that businesses have been hit hard with Covid”. Then emphasize the cost benefits of your offerings.  

Goals – It is imperative to have goals. Take the time to write down your goals and reasons you would like to accomplish these tasks. Plan goals for the day, for the week, month and predict your sales goals are for the upcoming year. With a specific goal in mind and consciousness of your reasoning, you will maintain the drive to accomplish those goals.  

Daily Inspiration – Take the time to read daily quotes from highly successful people. This can be famous people or just the ordinary Joe that you happen to admire.  

Here are a few quotes from famous people:  

Clint Eastwood: It takes tremendous discipline to control the influence, the power you have over other people’s lives.  

Henry Ford: It’s not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It’s the customer who pays the wages.  

Richard DeVos: It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle.  

Motivation can be very complex. Finding the right method of motivation can be challenging and should be adjusted on a daily basis. Decide which tips work best for you for a continual positive outlook.  

Get out of bed every day with the attitude that “today is going to be incredible“. A positive attitude is contagious. If you are positive and joyful, the sales will come to you.  

Make every day your day! We are here to help keep you motivated to grow your business!  

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Motivational Tips for Sales Reps
Motivational Tips for Sales

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