New initiatives and telemarketing

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New initiatives and telemarketing

A great way to build a sales pipeline is using a telemarketing program. First determine your goals for the new program. What do you want to accomplish with your marketing program?

Are you going to add to your current sales pipeline or are your going to reach out to a new market?


Here are ideas on how to implement and make telemarketing a successful plan for your next program.

  • Planning-what are your goals with the marketing program? Do you want to reach out to new customers or rejuvenate old prospects? Put together projected sales numbers that will determine a successful program.
  • Successful criteria-What makes this contact a viable prospect? Determine qualifying factors and questions that would need to be answered yes in order to be qualified. Are sales cycles a factor for your business or do you offer a product or service that is needed year round?
  • Marketing-choose a marketing company that has the experience needed for your industry.Verify they have a successful track record within your industry. Don’t forget staff selection. The marketer assigned to your account can make a huge difference in results.
  • Execute plan– Once you have all factors in place-start your program. Start out with a small number of calling hours and evaluate results as they are available

Rich Enterprises Inc offers a wide variety of marketing programs for all types of industries. We have a team of seasoned marketers that have all been with us 2+ years. We believe that a team effort is a way to execute the most successful marketing program.


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