Persistent closing – The ultimate goal in sales is the final step-closing the sale or sealing the deal. What is your process? Are you persistent with your prospect or do you offer solutions that make your product or service one the contact just cannot live without?

Be prepared for your sales process with Persistent closing by having all sales cycles planned out.

  1. Initial cold call – Reaching out to a business for the 1st time. Harvesting information. Who is the decision maker? What is the best day and time to reach? Acquiring the initial data is the 1st step in doing business with a company.
  2. Warm call – Follow-up call to finalize the details. Sometimes this is one call that handles everything including closing and sometimes you have to make multiple attempts to a prospect before finalizing the purchase/agreement.
  3. Closing – The final step in any sale is closing or sealing the deal. Have your processes together to ensure a smooth finish.

During the warm call conversation, ensure all details are confirmed. Verbalize your questions and answers received from the prospect on prior calls before moving to the next step in the sales process. If you do not know the answer to a question, be honest and try to get the answer for them to build rapport.

Persistent closing

Require a commitment from the prospect for the final meeting/appointment date for an exact day and time. In our experience, agreeing to have someone follow up in a few days causes major delays in closing the sale.

Rich Enterprises Inc has 20+ years’ experience in successful cold calling and appointment setting. Our industry experience showcases our history and our testimonials from happy clients provide insight to how our program has worked for so many companies.  Let us be your next marketing team!

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