Planning a Telemarketing Campaign

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Planning a Telemarketing Campaign

A great way to start the year off with a bang is to open the doors with a new telemarketing campaign. Successful campaigns are those that are carefully researched, well-thought-out, and focused on details. Here are four steps to beginning a successful marketing program:

1. Week 1-Select a firm. Complete research on locating the telemarketing company that has experience with your industry. Check references. Is the company able to meet your needs? What sets this company apart from the other companies out there? Be prepared to compromise. The telemarketing company that you choose should be considered experts in their field and might have case studies on prior industries. Choose the company that works best with your target market whether it is businesses or consumers.

2. Week 2- Select a list. Complete market research to determine which geographical area would be best suited for your product or services. If your list does not need to be within driving distance, branch out to all areas. Giving your business a broader audience will ensure greater success. Choose to use SIC codes based on the industry for the heart of your calling list. Are you seeking consumers or Businesses? Target the right audience. If you are seeking consumers, verify the age factor. If you are seeking businesses, verify the need and reach out to areas that have not been saturated.

3. Week 3-Script. Assemble a script that might cover the basics with a start-up conversation and highlight your offerings. Determine what area you want the telemarketing company to focus on. Are you going to offer a special or free consultation? Make sure this information is in the script. Add objections and possible rebuttals for the marketing team. You know your business better than anyone and giving the marketing team as much information on your company as possible will give the campaign greater success. Having a script will guide the conversation and give you information to ensure that accurate data is collected and relayed to close a sale.

4. Week 4-Start your campaign. Select a start-up date. Contact the firm of choice to set-up a final conference call. Verify the callers for the campaign and ask about reporting. How will you get your reports? Will they be daily or weekly? Once a campaign has started, your work finally begins. Read every report that comes to you. Follow-up with every email address or updated contact information. The contact may not be a sale now but can be added to a future marketing list.

Successful campaigns are those that have been careful planning. Just as you would put together a business plan, don’t sell your marketing plan short. Be sure to figure in costs and which company is the best for the price. Equally, strong sales management information system is vital to ensure follow up at the right time with the right information. Your business reputation could be damaged if you have a successful call and then fail to deliver. Time preparing for a new marketing plan is always time well spent.

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