Rejuvenate Old Prospects


We all have those prospects that we have contacted multiple times but no sale has ever been made. We like to call them our “exhausted” contacts or records. What can you do to rejuvenate old prospects?

Start a newsletter. Use your acquired email addresses for a bi-monthly newsletter. Newsletters are a great way to continually touch prospects without harassing them with a phone call. Rejuvenating old prospects by simple touches will keep those contacts in the pipeline that don’t have a need for your services now but might in the future.

Rejuvenate Old Prospects

Use the newsletter to provide prospects with:
• Company updates
• Sales or specials
• New products or services
• Articles or stories

Use a newsletter service company such as Constant Contact to help with templates and scheduling. We have had many prospects receive our newsletter bi-weekly and never respond to us and then we have had prospects reach out to us based on an old newsletter. They will hold the old newsletter email for future needs.

How do you rejuvenate old prospects? Rich Enterprises has a variety of marketing packages and would love to prepare your next newsletter.

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