There are three phases for implementing a mentoring and coaching program.

Phase 1 - Acquaintance

During this phase, Ms. Rich-Landis shall visit the company location and shall get acquainted with all of the sales team and management members. Her role at this time shall involve building rapport, trust, credibility, and camaraderie with the team. Such activities shall provide a foundation for future and subsequent phases.

Ms. Landis shall spend a few days with the company employees learning about their personalities, their respective roles within the company, and shall utilize this time to learn about the company, products, and current sales processes.


Phase 2 – Consulting

During phase two, Ms. Landis will offer advice, consultation, and support for the sales team and management members. She shall focus her activities on improving the sales conversion rates, improving the individual skill sets of team members, and enriching the results of the sales team efforts and activities.

Her role shall include extensive coaching and mentoring. A portion of those activities will be considered to be impromptu – reacting to questions, conversations, and requests from the team. Other activities will be preplanned as agreed and shall include scheduled conference calls and webinars.

Phase 3 - Accountability

During phase three, Ms. Landis shall strive to install accountability within the sales team. Each agent should be held accountable for their results. Those results should be reviewed frequently to ensure that each individual is achieving the highest level of success within their respective sales roles.

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