Time Management Tips for Sales Reps.


Time Management Tips for Sales Reps.

Sales is a game of strategic timing – calling prospects at the right time, managing accounts and responding to their needs in a timely fashion, and handling that ever-growing to do list.   Time management tips for sales reps. is critical to meeting or exceeding your goals. Here are some quick tips for managing your sales time and responsibilities:

  1. Get organized.   Use effective online calendars and sales software.   The right tools aren’t always tech savvy solutions and sometime it is more effective using the old-fashioned day time planner to plan your sales activities.  Find the tools that help you manage your time correctly and reach sales goals.
  2. Establish daily goals.   By setting your goals for the day or the week, you’ll find that you more focused and will dedicate your time to the critical tasks ahead.
  3. Establish a routine.   If you have a routine each day, schedule key tasks as first priority and then schedule lower priority tasks for later in the day – just in case you don’t get everything accomplished.
  4. Be flexible.   Your clients and your prospects come first and sometimes that means that your schedule needs to be adjusted to meet those immediate needs.
  5. Schedule time for cold calling.   If you dedicate a specific block of time to cold calling and plan your day around those efforts, you are much more likely to get outreach activities handled.  Consistency in cold calling and outreach is key to building a full sales pipeline.
  6. Personal accountability.   At the end of each day, review the tasks at hand.  Commend yourself on a job well done, but also determine areas for future improvement.
  7. Set SMART goals.   Set regular goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time based.

While this list is not exhaustive, if you review your current performance in each of the above points, you may find areas for improvement.   We all need to review our own performance, determine improvements, and then tweak our actions to achieve our true sales potential.

If you find that you need help with cold calling and outreach efforts, please let us know.   Cold calling, lead gen, and appointment setting is our specialty and we can help you build your sales pipeline.


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