Sales Types Hunters and Farmers


Sales Types Hunters and Farmers

What type of sales reps do you have working for you?

Hunters-A hunter is going to be the sales rep that enjoys “the hunt”. They are excited about the challenge and the chase that goes along with sales. Typically hunters are not affected by rejection seeing it as getting one step closer to the sale. Hunters are very confident in their ability to locate and close sales.

Farmers-Farmers are going to be the nurturers of sales. They are typically sales reps that spend time on relationship building. They are great at long-term follow-ups and enjoy the overall relationship process of sales. Farmers are usually in a management role since this position requires a little more nurturingSales Types Hunters than cold calling.

Both roles are needed to be successful in sales. When managing your sales team, be aware of your sales team’s sales style. This will help determine their effective role in your business. Rich Enterprises has a seasoned team of marketers that are both Hunters and Farmers.

Do you need ideas on how to structure your sales team? Rich Enterprises Inc provides marketing packages that can provide all the legwork for your team or we can assist your team with the sales process. Contact us to get started (888)443-5247.



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