Selling Equals Problem Solving – A critical success factor in business is how to market your problem-solving abilities and help people know what you can do for them to acquire a sale. First identify the problem, analyze the situation and develop a solution.

First, begin with your sales prospect by identifying the problem. Ask qualifying questions and tune in to key words and possible problems.

Next, analyze data from recent market research and acquired pain points from prospects.

Ask yourself these questions:

Selling Equals Problem Solving

  • How can I prevent this problem from happening again?
  • How does this problem affect my sales?
  • How long has this been a problem for my business?
  • What are my options for improvements to boost our success rates?

Finally, find a solution. Getting to the bottom of a problem brings credibility for your business with your prospects. Be the problem solver or industry expert for your clients. Give prospects a reason to seek out your business for customer service or industry known follow through.

Selling Equals Problem Solving – Tap into prior problem-solving knowledge to provide instant answers or rebuttals on sales calls. Some issues may be complicated or will involve others within your organization. Create marketing programs that solve problems for business owners.

What type of marketing do you do for your business? Could you use more contracts? Let us customize a marketing program that accents your industry expertise.

Where do you shine? Do you offer products or services that help business owners?

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