Setting the Stage For Sales Success

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Setting the Stage For Sales Success

Daily sales success starts for me mentally the night before…I create a image in my mind of how I want my day to go and imagine the feeling of relief and joy I will feel when I am done. Next, I locate my campaign script and the objections and rebuttals highlighted or underlined to stand out for quick reference. I review my call back reports and make a short list of the important calls for the day.

Make a plan to read the notes from each call… this makes it easier to just make a follow up call and pick up where the last rep left off and proceed to close the deal.

This is a brief overview of what it takes to set the Stage for success in your work on a daily basis.

Let’s face it sometimes the best laid plans still go astray. When this happens, just stay cool and remember this one thing – The frustration you feel is why they call it work. Just stay focused, positive and work hard. It will always work out in the end. If telemarketing and sales were easy, everybody would be doing it.

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