Soft selling

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Soft selling

What is soft selling? Soft Selling is a persuasive, low-pressure method of selling or advertising. In sales, we need to approach each prospect with integrity and compassion. No longer does the arm twisting sales process work.


The overly aggressive sales pitch is not what is going to bring business to you. A great product or service, business ethics and customer service is what will bring you long term business customers and fill your sales pipeline.


Soft selling focuses on the relationship-building aspect of sales. Soft selling may work in some industries and not in others. Analyze your client base or future prospects and apply appropriate sales techniques for needed industries.


Using a soft sell approach to sales does not mean that you are passive; it means that you are taking a rapport building approach to sales. Use a friendly like tone with customers to create an engaging conversational type relationship with future prospects.


Listen to key words and phrases during conversations with new prospects. Use your past conversations with new prospects to create future programs to use in future soft selling techniques.

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