Special Offers Create Urgency – Sales can be a tough game. Sometimes you need to expedite the sales process by creating urgency with prospective customers. This practice can be effective.

For example, you may offer a product or service for a limited amount of time through your website or you could offer a special on services for those clients that sign up within 7 days. This is considered the practice of creating urgency.

Here are a few tips on how you might incorporate this practice into your business.

1. Create a genuine promotional offer and not a gimmick or “bait and switch”. True clients will see through a promotional tactic. Once you choose the offer you are going to promote, use it sparingly. If you are offering the same promotion time and time again, this will hinder the effect with repeat traffic knowing this same special is offered regularly and they can probably get the same special next week.

2. Offer a specific price reduction for a complete package or sale. For example, take $200 off the full price for anyone who registered and pays within 2 weeks.

3. Send an email to prospective clients offering a special and note that the special is only offered to those who mention the email coupon/special.

4. Use tactics that provide specific benefits and advantages to customers. Inform them how they will save money and cut costs if they purchase/agree today. Show prospects how it will benefit them greatly if they make their decision as soon as possible.

5. Set a specific time limit. Make your offer available to contacts today (this week or this month) only.

Special Offers Create Urgency – Let prospects know you will gladly call them back after the set date but the offer you are calling about is good only through business today, this week, or a specific period of time. If they do not choose your service today, the offer will not be the same.

Using urgency to drive sales is a great sales tactic if used in conjunction with a well-developed marketing plan. Be persistent and demonstrate the need for urgency to gain a long-term relationship with your worthy sales clients.

What special can you provide to create urgency with new or returning sales? Let us provide your next marketing program that can provide opening lines that pique interest or possible specials that create urgency to do business sooner than later.

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Special Offers Create Urgency
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