Staying focused


The hardest part of a salesperson’s day can be keeping an eye on the prize or staying focused.  We all have a time during the day where the distractions keep us from getting our work done.  What can we do to minimize distractions and stay focused?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Organization. Put together a daily task list and keep track of what gets done and what can be carried forward to tomorrow.
  2. Email. Email is a huge distraction for me. When making sales calls, I turn my email off for 30 minute time frames.
  3. Cell phone. Turn off your personal phone. It is amazing how fast we lose our concentration with the beeps from our cell phone.
  4. Breaks. Plan breaks or rest time. Work for 4-5 hours and then take a lunch break. Everyone needs time away from work.
  5. Exercise. Since sales is not a physical job and most of us are sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, schedule work-outs. These can be walks or some sort of exercise that helps reduce stress and clear the mind.

Staying focused is a daily challenge for most but in the sales world it can be tougher since some aspects of selling are not “fun” for example cold calling.

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