Increasing Your Sales Pipeline With B2B Telemarketing


Keeping your sales pipeline full is quite the challenge. In sales, we always think the best way to build business is to add new clients. New clients are tough to get. First you have to gain their interest, second-pitch your product or service and finally- get them to sign on the dotted line.

How are you marketing to your existing client base? How are you rejuvenating customers and keeping them as fresh, current clients?

Using Telemarketing Services for Existing Clients

Provide Updates

Contact clients with news on updated products or services. Let them know they are the first to be contacted about this since they are past clients.

Purchase or Upsell

Reach out to your current clients and inquire about additional purchases, increased purchases or upgrading their services with your company.

Re-engage With Consumers

Contact customers that purchased or used your services in the past but are not part of your current client base. Let them know about the new staff and new offerings.

Send a Newsletter

Take the acquired email addresses and put together a newsletter to send out bi-monthly. This will keep customers abreast of your business progress and keep in touch with them.

Create Specials

Put together special pricing for those customers that have not used your services or bought from you recently. Offer a special that is good for 2 weeks or whatever number works for your business.

Evaluate Your Marketing Strategy

Before starting any marketing program, evaluate your marketing materials to ensure they are up to date with new products and services. List bullet points of your services and how those services benefit companies in certain industries. Add testimonials to your marketing brochures because nothing sells better than happy clients.

Starting a marketing program within your client base is usually a simpler process since you sold to these customers once and now just need to re-introduce your business to renew the relationship. Existing client bases are an acquired resource for additional revenue that most businesses fail to use.

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What is your process in marketing to past customers? Rich Enterprises Inc has marketing programs that focus on lead generation and appointment setting to new and past customers.

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Telemarketing to Increase Business Within Your Client Base
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